Chandler Harris

Chandler Harris is a student scientist in the Ecotek Lab Program. He has been involved in doing hands-on research in material science, bioenergy, and civil engineering since the 6th grade. He currently attends Detroit Edison Early College of Excellence and is a resident of the City of Detroit.

Chandler Harris is a solid person and has a strong vision in science, technology, engineering and math. Chandler has spent his middle school and high school years working on ways to reduce the impact of global warming. He has partnered with researchers at MIT to develop “oil eating” cement. Chandler has also leveraged his understanding of alternative energy and biology to develop a variety of biofuels. He has shared his innovations with world leaders at the United Nations and researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Chandler has received many awards. Most recently he was selected to receive the MSTEM scholarship from University of Michigan School of Engineering for his research on designing earthquake resistant building structures.

While in Ecotek Lab Chandler has conducted workshops on STEM related topics for youth and adults in and around the City of Detroit. He has also tutored students in Ecotek Lab on research and projects related to material science, environmental engineering and robotics. Chandler is the founder of Harris Engineering, a for-profit company that specializes in developing more sustainable materials for civil engineering applications.

In the fall of 2016 Chandler will attend the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).

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