FX: Family Xperience

Don’t miss our new FX: Family Xperience series the first Saturday of every month! All activities are included with paid general admission.

April 1: Space Odyssey

Participants will make clouds, imagine what extraterrestrial life might be like, investigate gravity, explore icy worlds, and much more! These fun activities introduce guests to the ongoing research happening at NASA in the fields of heliophysics, Earth science, planetary science, and astrophysics, and allow them to get hands-on with Earth and space science concepts.

2017 Programs

April 1 Space Odyssey
May 6 Advanced Domino Workshop
June 3 Animal Encounters
July 1 MiSci Maker Space
August 5 Health & Wellness
September 2 Science Adventures
October 7 Incredible Inventions
November 4 Robot Shop
December 2 Coding Quest