Homeschool Learning Labs

New Homeschool Learning Labs now available!

Sessions are held the first Wednesday of each month October – June and run 35 – 45 minutes.

Grade Levels: Lower Elementary (Ages 6 – 8): 11 a.m., Upper Elementary (Ages 9 – 11): noon, Middle/High School (Ages 12 – 18): 1 p.m.

Additional Information

  • Program Capacity: 25 students and up to 10 adults.
  • Per-Student Rates: Member: $5/Non-member: $10
  • Preregistration is requested, though please note that reservations are required for groups of 5 or more students. Call 313.577.8400, ext. 435 for further information.
  • Parents may promptly sign children in and out for lab sessions but must remain in the museum for the duration of the program.

2017-2018 Programs

February 7: Heart Dissection

Learn how to keep your heart healthy. Dissect a sheep heart and discover how your heart pumps blood through your body and keeps you alive! Note: This lab requires an additional $5 lab fee per student.

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March 7: 1'S AND 0'S

Learn how these simple symbols are used as codes to make computers follow your command.  Use these codes to program a robot.  Make a bracelet with your initials in code.

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April 4: Space Exploration

Learn about the latest in space exploration. What do you think it will take to get astronauts to the red planet, Mars?

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May 2: Bugs

Learn about nature’s creepy crawlers and examine some live bugs. Students will discover how bugs are classified and make a habitat suitable for creepy crawly critters!

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