Junior Docents

Young people who join our Junior Docent program become the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) leaders of tomorrow. Junior Docents can be seen patrolling the hallways of the Michigan Science Center (MiSci), wearing white lab coats, and approaching visitors with scientific insight.

Last school year, 27 University Prep Science and Math Middle School students were part a successful Junior Docent Program here at the Science Center. The students each had their own respective exhibits that they researched and specialized in presenting on. Together the students developed scripts for the Junior Docent Video Series, videos promoted by MiSci and shared with MiSci guests via interactive kiosks. Through their interactions with guests, and the videos, the students have shared their subject matter in a friendly and fun way.

At an age where children are far more inclined to perch themselves in front of a television, computer, or video game, Junior Docents dive deep into the world of learning and make an effort to bring knowledge to others. MiSci staff prepare Junior Docents for professional life and encourage them to grow in our dynamic learning environment.

Junior Docent Exhibit Videos

Give the gift of discovery.

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