The Michigan Science Center is grateful for the support received from all of its individual donors. This listing recognizes giving over $100 (contributed, pledged, and in-kind) of individual donors and donor-advised funds during 2015.

$50,000 and Above

Amb. Ron Weiser and the Hon. Eileen Weiser

$10,000 - $49,999

Orlando and Veronne Bustos

Castaing Family Foundation

The Mort and Brigitte Harris Foundation

James B. Nicholson

Tom and Kathi Stephens

Frank Venegas and Laurie Sall

$5,000 - $9,999

Bob and Cathy Anthony

Raj and Wendy Nair

Pierce Family Fund

Andra Rush

$1,000 - $4,999

Tom and Mary Asmus

Patrick and Debra Conroy

Mr. Keith E. Crain

Jacqui and Donald Dedo

Roger Garrett

Gregory and Stayruola Ioanidis

Ken and Sherri Kelzer

Scott and Denise Kunselman

Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Love

Thomas and Valerie MacFarlane

Jeff and Laurie Makarewicz

Tim and Liz Manganello

Don and Michele Manvel

Dr. Tonya Matthews

David and Heidi Ruud

Thomas & Beverly Schmitt

Mark & Karen Snyder

Chris and Tracee Theodore

Joe and Diane Walsh

Ms. Barbara Whittaker

$500 - $999

Mr. John R. Anderson

Monica E. Emerson

James and Lori Issner

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Nicholson

Shelly and Chris Otenbaker

Marianne and Robert Schrode

Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Schwartz

Mr. and Mrs. Carl P. Steinecker

Kathleen N. Straus and the Honorable Walter Shapero

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wagoner

$250 - $499

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Bluth

Mr. Leo Hollberg

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Hudson, Jr.

Adam and Heather Jablonowski

Tod Machover and June Kinoshita

James and Rebecca McLennan

Betty and Fred Ong

Andrew Prychodko

Michael and Kimbelry Solt

Hans and Rebecca Steiner

Dave and Peg Upmeyer

$100 - $249

Ms. Millicent R. Berry

Ms. Stephanie Brock

Lamont Buffington

Ms. Yisel Cabrera

Mr. Tyrone M. Davenport

Dave and Cathy De Lanoy

Ms. Alexandra Doherty

Matthew R. Duda and Stephanie T. Goecke-Duda

Ms. Carol W. Forsythe

Mr. Howard P. Freers

Eric Hespenheide and Judith V. Hicks

Mrs. Theodore R. Hodges

Mr. Andrew Humphrey CBM

Mr. Kyle D. Kavanagh

Mr. Gary A. Kuleck

Timothy and Kellyann McCaffrey

Ms. Monique Parnell

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prieur

Ms. Sally Roberts

Ms. Sandra Robinson

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Rosman

Mr. and Mrs. Anil K. Sachdev

Prof. Alvin & Harriet Saperstein

Bluma Schechter

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Sharpe

Larry and Verla Shoup

Rev. William E. Sigler

Michael and Elizabeth Slisinger

Ms. Monica Smylor

Mr. John N. Thomson and Mrs. Irene Lazarchuk Thomson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Van Hove

Ms. Kathleen Walker

Renee T. Walker

Ms. Jacqueline Wiggins

Carole A. Wrubel

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