Technical Training Manager

Favorite Music:
Tell us something unusual about yourself - something that makes you special, unique and not a "typical" STEMinista:
I absolutely love the movies. I especially love plausible science fiction.
Where are you from? Where were you born and/or raised?
Detroit, MI
What are you doing/plan to do with your STEM degree?
I am committed entirely and without equivocation to inspiring transformative excellence in the next generation. I am dedication to community service. I fervently promote education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. After witnessing a lack of minority students and girls pursing STEM majors and an enormous deficiency of students graduating and filling the critical job pipeline nationwide, I am working to change this with the realization that a myriad of future careers will employ STEM skills.
Tell us about one person in your childhood who had a great effect on your life?
Over 30 years ago, as a Detroit Public Schools student, I decided I wanted to become an engineer. Math and science were my favorite. I had an insatiable quest to understand how and why things worked. Soon after my older cousin came to Detroit to study engineering, he connected the dots and showed me how I could earn a living studying the world and solving problems.
Favorite Dessert:
Lemon pound cake
Tell us a favorite quote that gets you going, gives you confidence, or guides your life that you would like to share with future STEMinistas.
"Great women are not considered so because of personal achievements but for the effect, their efforts have had on the lives of countless others." – Peggy Anderson, Author
What was your favorite subject in middle school? And what did you like about it? (It's fine if it was math! It's fine if it wasn't!)
Math and science were my favorite subjects in school. I’m a product of the Detroit Public School system. In the early 70s, when I was in the fourth grade, my teacher advised my parents that I had a reading deficiency, and the teacher focused on that deficiency. But the single most important thing I realized was my love for and proficiency in mathematics. And much to my parents' credit, they helped me hone my gift.

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