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Victoria Tarver: September 2017 Volunteer of the Month

Victoria Tarver is our September 2017 Volunteer of the Month. She can be frequently found working towards her school’s (Cass Technical High School) 200-hour volunteering requirement in our Spark!Lab and Explainer Station. Hear in her own words why she loves volunteering here at MiSci.

My first real experience at the Michigan Science Center was around 2010 during the summer when I first attended the camps here. I really enjoyed myself and the experience of being able to do fun experiments while also learning about science. Being able to go to the Michigan Science Center everyday helped me to explore my passion for science and opened my eyes to a whole new world filled with endless possibilities.

When I first started to volunteer here in July I came here almost everyday – completing my 200 hours of community service for high school was my most important task, but now that has changed. Nowadays, I wake up with a smile on my face ready to inspire the next generation of future scientists and engineers. I love knowing that I inspire the many children that come and play at the Science Center, whether I am at Spark!Lab or at the Explainer Station.

Not only am I working on getting 200 hours of community service, I am also having fun and learning new things. One thing I learned is that everyone at the Science Center has positive attitudes and are always looking out for each other. Being in an environment like that only makes being here even better.

I am glad that I chose to volunteer here at the Michigan Science Center!


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