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Alarie Baldwin: August 2017 Volunteer of the Month

Alarie Baldwin is our August 2017 Volunteer of the Month. He has volunteered at a wide variety of events over the past couple years and first visited the Science Center while a student at University Prep Science and Math Middle School.

The Michigan Science Center! It’s the perfect place where families can bond, have mesmerizing experiences, and learn an abundance of things in a fun, creative, and engaging way. The Michigan Science Center brings so much unity, diversity, and positivity to Detroit. Many people desire to experience the various types of extreme science that occurs there.

I remember my first time going to the science center when I was a child. At first I thought it was going to be boring and bland because I thought it was going to be like science class at school. However, when I walked through the entrance, I was in awe. I thought I was at an indoor amusement park! The live energy and variety of activities to participate in allowed me to favor science. I learned plenty of science lessons by actually engaging in hands-on activities instead of reading out of a boring  science textbook.

In addition, when I attended University Preparatory Science and Math Middle School, while I was in the sixth and seventh grade, we frequently made trips to the science center and everybody looked forward to it! There weren’t  any complaints or negative comments because everybody enjoyed themselves and had a pleasing experience.

Furthermore, over the past few years, I have been volunteering at the Michigan Science Center. When I first began volunteering, I had a mindset of completing tasks to receive volunteer hours for high school. Then I realized that I want the children to have an amazing experience just like I did when I was their age! I became more involved with the children with various activities instead of just monitoring them or just doing what was expected.

I enjoy volunteering at the Michigan Science Center because I get to display my passion of showing  humility through providing humanitarian services in an fun, creative, and positive way.


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