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April: Volunteer of the Month April 2016

April Kusowski is a Biochemistry PhD Candidate at Wayne State University School of Medicine who has logged countless hours in research labs bringing us closer to curing devastating diseases. Starting as a volunteer in April 2015, April has been an ambassador for our STEMinista program, brought MiSci to events such as DIY Ferndale, introduced children to the exciting world of science as an Explainer, and helped out at our After Dark events series.

While at a Detroit Young Professionals event last year, I discovered the opportunity to volunteer at the Michigan Science Center and it has been such an incredible experience! I chose to volunteer at MiSci so I could share my passion for science with the community. Watching the faces of the children light up with excitement as they engage in scientific demonstrations is extremely rewarding and a reminder as to why I chose science as a career.

I have been enthralled by science for as long as I can remember. My strong desire to explore the unknown has led me to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry. As a researcher, I am tasked with finding answers to some of science’s most difficult questions. The job of a research scientist can be challenging, but it is also greatly fulfilling. One of the most satisfying aspects of being a research scientist is when the question being investigated is answered by the experimental data. At that moment, you are the only person in the world with this knowledge. How amazing is that?

The Michigan Science Center is a tremendous asset to the City of Detroit and plays an integral role in encouraging younger generations to explore the STEM fields. They offer many outstanding programs to inspire and teach curious minds of all ages. There is one program in particular that is indispensable to our community, The STEMinista Project. This program is designed to promote an interest in STEM for 4th-8th grade girls. The STEMinista project is essential because 74% of high school girls (U.S.) are interested in STEM subjects, but less than 25% of the STEM workforce is represented by women. Exposing young girls to STEM and motivating them to study within these disciplines will provide a foundation upon which they can build. The goal is to sustain girls’ interest in STEM through their high school and college years.

If you are a woman working in a STEM field, I encourage you to become a STEMinista role model. Aid in building the confidence of young girls and guiding them to a career in STEM. Together, we can help close the gender gap in STEM! You can fill out a profile here!

Thank you,
April Kusowski

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