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Blog – Engineers: Making a Difference

Feb. 18 – 24 is Engineers Week! Did you know that there are countless ways engineers make difference in our lives? Keep reading to learn how some of our very own STEMinista Role Models are changing the world with engineering.

Tara DiLaura Tara DiLaura, Project Engineer: I’ve spent time in Iraq working with the Iraqi Army. My team is responsible for maintaining the tanks while the Iraqi Army fights the war against ISIS.
Cheryl Montemayor Cheryl Montemayor, Engineering Supervisor: I manage a team that tests electric car batteries. We are on the exciting edge of this new technology. I believe the work we are doing today will help bring about a better world with cleaner air for the whole planet.
Renee Bryant Renee Bryant, Engineering Group Manager:  I am currently managing an engineering team that works with the commercial truck and van industry. Anytime you see an ambulance, school bus, dump truck, snow plow, etc. think of me.
Kyra Watts Kyra Watts, Industrial Engineer: With my degree I work in a hospital making sure business operations are aligned with the patient and community needs.
Chanelle Green Chanelle Green, Computer Engineer: My job allows me to contribute to teams that are shaping and developing the next generation of computing tools, technologies, and services.
Sarah Underwood, Civil Engineer: I design projects to keep airplanes safe when landing and taking off. We also work on ways for airports to be more environmentally friendly.

Visit our STEMinista webpage to learn more about our role models, to sign up as a role model, or to register as a STEMinista girl!

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