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Dawn: Volunteer of the Month August 2016

Our August 2016 Volunteer of the Month, Dawn Cseke spends her days working hard for Quicken Loans but spends her evenings and weekends at MiSci, where she has been a tremendous help making our After Dark and other events successful. Dawn can be found at the front check-in table at our After Dark events where she will greet you with a smile – as long as you have your ticket out and ready to go!  Read Dawn’s words below:

I’m very fortunate to work at a company that believes in investing in the community and building a better Detroit and as such, Quicken Loans provides many opportunities to volunteer at several places but one of my favorites is the Michigan Science Center. I very much enjoy activities like the Robot Lab where kids can learn to code or World Space Party where they can look through telescopes and get their pictures taken with Darth Vader and witnessing their wonderment.

This always takes me back to school field trips where we could touch the ‘lightning ball’ (I’m sure this is the technical term) or take a trip through the rainbow tunnel after watching an IMAX movie. And while I love to see the enjoyment on their faces my favorite activities are actually the ones for the adults.

Usually when grown-ups come to the Science Center it’s as a parent, a teacher, or a chaperone and as such, they usually take a step back and allow the kids to have all the fun. Sometimes they get lost among the homeschooling, field trips or birthday parties. But at night the Science Center comes alive and gives the adults an opportunity to have some fun of their own.

Every third Thursday there is the After Dark Party with exciting themes and fun activities. It’s an opportunity to play video games, wear a costume, eat bugs (that’s right, eat bugs) and dare I say learn something (because these events aren’t just fun, they’re also educational). Sometimes the adults are a little hesitant to join in the fun but by the end of night their faces are filled with a childlike joy as they run around sporting bling that they designed at the bling bar, taking selfies with the couch potatoes, pushing buttons at various displays, and playing with abandon that would rival most of the kids.

So come find your element, make some chemistry, and have some fun!

Dawn Cseke

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