Interactive Programs

Our interactive programs take students on an in-depth exploration of STEM principles and are the perfect complement to our hands-on exhibits.

Program capacity allows 25 students and up to 10 adults.

To register, call 313.577.8400, Option 5!



  • What’s the Property? – Test your five senses in order to sort, classify, and measure objects according to their similar and observable properties.
  • From Seed to Flower – Explore the life cycle of plants and their basic needs as you plant a seed to take home.
  • Wondrous Weather – Put on your meteorologist hat as you learn about weather patterns and the tools used to predict them

GRADES 3 - 5

30 - 45 minutes

  • Survival of the Fittest – Learn how favorable traits add to an organism’s ability to survive and thrive in its environment.
  • Gravity Games – Discover the patterns within our solar system and the relationship between the sun, earth, and moon.
  • Laser Mazes – Reflect and redirect light as you focus in on a mirror maze challenge!

GRADES 6 – 8

45 – 60 MINUTES

  • The Human Element – Discover how humans affect the environment and alter populations through the use of land.
  • Surprising Circuits – Build circuits and discover the relationship between electricity and magnetism.
  • Grossology – Get grossed out as you explore body systems and the way they help us stay healthy!

GRADES 9 – 12

60 minutes

  • Translating the Message – Explore DNA extraction and learn how DNA transcription determines heredity and genetic traits.
  • Drawn to the Center – Discover how figure skaters can control the speed of their spins and why people don’t fall off spinning rides.
  • The Element Family – Conduct chemistry experiments and learn why the elements on the periodic table are arranged by groups and periods.


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