Group Presentations

Group presentations last between 30-45 minutes and can accommodate groups of up to 500 people!
Contact our outreach team at, 313.577.8400, ext. 474, or through our outreach inquiry form for additional information and reservations.


Why do things explode? Learn about the relationships between pressure, temperature, and fuel to explain why things go KA-BOOM! We’ll mix physics and chemistry to get some loud, flashy effects! This is our most popular program and a great fit for audiences of all ages!

Science Spectacular

Discover the wonderful world of science through interactive live demonstrations. Volunteers will join MiSci on stage to help with some fascinating and fun science tricks! Science Spectacular is best hosted in a gymnasium or auditorium and is suitable for all ages.

Science Rocks!

What is sound? Why do things make different sounds? Or why you beat a drum but pluck a guitar? Join us for Science Rocks to learn all that and more. This booming show is sure to be a roaring racket of a good time! This interactive demonstration is great for Pre-K and lower elementary audiences.

Frostology (Presentation)

Investigate how temperature relates to the movement of atoms and molecules in this exciting presentation. Utilizing liquid nitrogen (LN2)  and dry ice, we’ll see some ‘cool’ effects on solids, liquids and gases! Suitable for all ages. This program is available seasonally.

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