Explore the night sky inside MiSci’s indoor portable planetarium! Learners will understand how stars are different from one another and how planets orbit in our solar system. We’ll practice identifying familiar asterisms and constellations easily spotted in your backyard.

The STARLAB is an inflatable, portable planetarium. During each session, our educator will give tours of the current night sky using the STARLAB’s star projector, featuring bright stars, constellations, planets, and the moon. STARLAB programs can be adapted to fit any grade level. Each STARLAB presentation is 30 minutes.

The portable planetarium requires:

    • Indoor space and clean floor
    • A footprint of 25’ x 25’
    • A ceiling of 11’
    • Two 120v outlets

To make a reservation, contact our Outreach team at 313.577.8400, ext. 474, or email

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