Hands-On Workshops

All hands-on workshops are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise noted and designed for up to 30 participants.

Contact our outreach team at, 313.577.8400, x474, or through our outreach inquiry form for additional information and reservations.


**NEW! Electricity workshops coming this summer. Book now for your summer reading program.**

Physical Science


Grades Pre-K – 2

In this program, students will investigate how bubbles are made while also practicing their sorting and counting skills. Students will create cool bubbles, then design and test their very own bubble blower to take home!


Grades Pre-K – 2

Discover the force of magnetism as we push and pull using magnets of all shapes and sizes. Students will make objects defy gravity and see a magnet made by using electricity. This workshop is 30 minutes in length.



States of Matter

Grades K – 6

Learn how to define the states of matter and experience substances changing from one state to another. Some substances blur the line between liquid and solid. We’ll get our hands into some slimy stuff to decide which state it is.

Current Events

Grades 2 – 8

What is electricity and how does it flow? Students will observe the power of electricity and learn about its simplest form. We’ll then find out what happens when electricity meets a pickle!

Wind Turbines

Grades 3 – 8

Participants will be challenged to maximize the amount of electricity generated by a wind turbine of their own creation by changing the shape of its blades. Work as a team and use problem solving skills to help increase the turbine’s performance.

Egg-pollo 11

Grades 2 – 8

Put your engineering skills to the test as you design a carrier to safely land an egg on the moon! Learners will boldly go through the engineering design process to create a model simulation of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Roller Coasters

Grades 3 – 8

Explore the physics behind rollercoasters! We’ll work together as a team to build a coaster in your classroom while discussing the different types of energy, acceleration, velocity, and more!

Life Science

Diving into DNA

Grades 6 – 8

Participants will be able to describe what DNA is, where it’s found and how it codes for traits. Everything living has DNA and students will be able to extract DNA from a variety of fruit.

Cow Eye Dissection

Grades 4 – 8

Students will work in pairs to perform a cow eye dissection while under the direction of a trained MiSci staff member. We’ll compare the cow eye to human eyes as we take a close look at its features and functions. (Supply fee of $25 per 30 students).