JUNE 8, 2019 – AUGUST 17, 2019

The Michigan Science Center is pleased to host Michigan State University’s Science Gallery Detroit DEPTH exhibition this summer.

Our futures are directly linked to the future of water. What will that future be?

Water is life. Its presence affects all living things. From creation stories about life on Earth, to the looming devastating effects of pollution and climate change, water has the power to spread life and rejuvenation as well as death and destruction. Who has access to water? Who decides? These issues raise questions about water as a human right. About our responsibilities to water as a resource and our responsibilities to each other.

DEPTH, Science Gallery Detroit’s second exhibition, explores water’s intense power — one that creates catastrophic storms and floods — while also showcasing the beauty and life it brings. It weaves a narrative, drawn from scientific research and artistic exploration, that invites visitors to consider how we can value the power of water, understand why it brings us joy and life, stop our abuse of it, and wonder about the undiscovered and unknown.

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