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Artist Timothy Orikri creates a painting

May 18, 2016 Comments Off on Blog: Exploring Invention with Art Views: 3348 Blog

Blog: Exploring Invention with Art

The following blog post was written by artist Timothy Orikri about his Kidstruction series of paintings created for the Michigan Science Center’s Kidstruction exhibit.

By Timothy UfuomaEfe Orikri

At first glance, the varied media in my work leaves the impression that the items have been deposited on the canvas or that residue has been left behind. Upon closer inspection, one can see that the textures are created with the help of strings, buttons, drinking straws, matchsticks, yarn, pasta, black eyed peas, toothpicks, burlap, and many other discarded items. To me, the beauty of anything is in its skeletal framework. This framework, which consists of rigid constructs, is seen in the artistic rendition of my mixed media concepts, as well as in the vast usage of hard edged lines and cubistic renditions.

Far too often, adults and children alike tend to see things in their complete state and rarely pay attention to what is happening under the surface. An examination of the planning and logical sequences used to get to the finished state, provide insight and instill a greater sense of appreciation. This applies not only to my paintings and to the representational buildings seen in them, but to all forms of invention such as roads, toys, appliances, and so on. The vitality and success of anything lies in the structural scaffolding.

When viewing this series, seek out the skeletal constructs, beams, and foundations painstakingly designed to provide support and sustainability for the buildings we so often view as absolute.

A painting from the Kidstruction exhibit A painting from the Kidstruction exhibit A painting from the Kidstruction exhibit A painting from the Kidstruction exhibit





Timothy UfuomaEfe Orikri is a freelance artist currently residing in Michigan, although born in the Delta State, southern Nigeria.  During 2016, he is serving as the first Michigan Science Center artist-in-residence.  To find out more, visit

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