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Jessica: Volunteer of the Month June 2016

Jessica Pichan is an incredibly committed student who started volunteering at MiSci in 2016, and can be found throughout the building conducting science demos alongside some of the same Science Center staff that first inspired her during her childhood visits. She commutes a considerable distance to make it to MiSci on a consistent basis and brings exceptional effort, knowledge and enthusiasm in the hopes of inspiring others to explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

I will be seventeen this month and am completing my second year of classes for my RN. I would like to go to U of M for a M.D. in Pediatrics. I first came to the science center with my family for a homeschooling class my brother and sister were signed up for. They liked the class and I had fun walking around the science center, I loved the exhibits, the presentations, and I loved how everything was so hands-on.

When I’m her,e I help wherever I’m needed. I’ve helped set up for and greet school groups, and I’ve worked in IMAX, and in kids town. But my favorite place that I’ve volunteered is Spark!Lab. It’s so much fun, seeing the kids come in and build something, ask questions, and make connections.

Originally, I thought volunteering at the science center could just be a way to kill time on days when I didn’t have classes and maybe to help boost my U of M application, but it’s become so much more than that. It became a chance to inspire kids, to help them learn, and for me to learn something along the way as well. The best part of volunteering at the Michigan Science Center is the look in their eyes when something just clicks, they find the answer, and they believe that they can do anything. And why can’t they?

Jessica Pichan

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