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Mahogany Bradshaw

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Mahogany Bradshaw: July 2019 Volunteer of the Month

Mahogany Bradshaw is our July 2019 Volunteer of the Month. Continue reading to learn more about Mahogany’s volunteer journey.

My name is Mahogany Bradshaw and I am currently a junior at Wayne State University, pursuing a degree in Mortuary Science.

It gives me great pleasure to be involved in enriching children’s knowledge of science, and I am so honored to be July’s Volunteer of the Month. I have vast experience volunteering with children of all ages. Since 2013, I have volunteered at summer camps, teaching children science, math, and reading lessons to keep them learning during their break from school. When presented with a community service project requirement for the Honors College, I chose to volunteer at the Science Center because of my passion for helping children to learn about topics in the STEM field.

During my time at the Science Center, I have volunteered in Kids Town, which I greatly enjoy due to being able to watch children interact with each other while learning about various topics in science. I have witnessed that even the youngest minds can be intrigued by topics such as the brain, robots, and space. It gives me joy to be a part of a youth learning experience that is so impactful.

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