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Dr. Tonya Matthews talks with students visiting the science center

May 10, 2016 Comments Off on MiSci in the News: Combating Bias in STEM Views: 679 Educational Programs

MiSci in the News: Combating Bias in STEM

Dr. Tonya Matthews, President and CEO of the Michigan Science Center, writes about what we can do to resist bias against girls in science education and hiring.

Googling “teaching girls about bias” might ruin your day. The top results are not encouraging.

When I was in school, I was encouraged to keep up with my math and science for two reasons. First, I was reminded that I was good at it. No brainer. I had test scores to back that up — so it made sense. Second, I was told that a smart black girl like me should set herself up for success by choosing fields where bias would not hold me back. After all, when a math problem is right, it’s right. Right?

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