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October 16, 2015 Comments Off on MiSci’s Favorite Childhood Toys Views: 2349 Blog

MiSci’s Favorite Childhood Toys

With our brand new exhibit, Toytopia, opening this weekend filled with nostalgic toys and the science of play, our staff took the chance to reflect on some of our favorite toys and games from our childhood. Here are some of our favorites!Tamagotchi toys

Jennifer Kanyo, STEM Resource Coordinator
“I looooved Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs.  Anything that I could build with and scatter everywhere!”

Chelsea Pulice, Event Sales Coordinator
Tamagotchi – I loved the challenge of keeping my digital pet alive and well.”

Erector Set toyJohn Anderson, Chief Operating Officer
“When I was elementary age, I used to play with the Erector Set my father had when he was a child.  It was an old 1950s version, though they were pretty much the same for years and years.  The neatest part was that the pieces were real metal – screws, nuts, brackets, girders, etc. – and I could use real tools (just like my father and grandpa) to assemble things.  Also, the motor was a real electric motor (not a wimpy plastic motor with a battery, but a real steel motor that plugged in to the wall).  I don’t actually remember making any of the projects (like a carousel or radar station), but I certainly built all sorts of things that seemed super cool, at the time.  I remember being fascinated by the gears – the little gear turning the big gear and the big gear turning the little gear…”

Shannon Mackie, Senior Marketing Manager
“The Labyrinth – it’s like a puzzle, it’s challenging and requires concentration!”Labyrinth toy

Crissy dollLynell Moore, Senior Membership Manager
Crissy Doll – Her hair magically grew when you turned the wheel on her back. Crissy was also available in brown or white skin tone. During the 1970s that was a first.”

David Moan, Lead Presenter
“I really loved my Sega Genesis. We had so many great games: Sonic 2, Golden Axe II, Columns, Jurassic Park, Disney’s Aladdin, Aahhh!!! Real Monsters, Mutant League Hockey… What made it particularly wonderful was to share with (read: beat) my sister and brother. One year, around the end of July, my siblings and I were being particularly awful, so my parents decided to take away the Genesis till Christmas. To make it worse, they only took the controllers and left the console by the television. They never caved either! On Christmas Day, my siblings and I unwrapped a big box giving us back the gift of gaming and we sat around together until the wee hours of the night collecting rings to defeat Dr. Robotnik.”

Come see some of these toys and many more in Toytopia, Saturday, October 17 – March 31, 2016.

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