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Richard: Volunteer of the Month May 2016

Richard L. Klimisch, Ph.D., LL.D has volunteered at the Michigan Science Center for several years. He can often be found on the Lower Level in our Matter & Energy Gallery among his favorite exhibits including the giant lever and the rotational table. He is always happy to discuss science with guests and has inspired many of tomorrow’s STEM leaders.  

I have been volunteering as a docent at the Michigan Science Center because I believe that our prosperity and quality of life depend on advances in science and technology. Anything I can do to inspire young people regarding the excitement and importance of STEM will benefit my grandchildren and future generations. For the same reasons, I am currently tutoring Detroit students in math and science. In addition, I am convinced that technological areas provide the best chance for satisfying and important careers. My own experience working in industrial technology was so great that I was sometimes embarrassed to take money for doing it. My career specialties were in chemistry and engineering especially related to the environment. Since retirement, my interests have broadened into brain research and the nexus between religion and science.

Richard L. Klimisch, Ph.D., LL.D

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