Sponsors of Science

MiSci’s Sponsors of Science Program supports up to 16,000 students with fully sponsored field trips each year through private and corporate donations.

Educators of students in grades PreK-12 with at least 75% of all students in the school/organization receiving free and reduced lunch are eligible to apply for funding assistance for science center general admission.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please apply for funding prior to booking your field trip. Review all details of the application thoroughly before submitting your application, as our process has changed.

Applications for Sponsors of Science are now open! Note that funding for field trips is now issued quarterly. Check the chart below to see when applications will be accepted and awards distributed. 

Trip Quarter Applications Open Application Deadline Award Notification
Q4 (Oct 1. – Dec. 31) CLOSED September 7 September 14
Q1 (Jan. 1 – Mar. 31) CLOSED November 1 November 15
Q2 (Apr. 1 – June 30) CLOSED February 1 February 15
Q3 (July 1 – Sept. 30) OPEN May 1 May 15

You will only be notified of your award on the notification date that corresponds to the quarter in which you applied. For each reschedule requested, a $25 fee will be added to your account.

Questions? Contact for assistance.

Teacher Testimonials

I just wanted to follow up with you regarding the field trip that you granted to A.L. Holmes Pre-K last week. The trip was wonderful! Thank you so much for helping us out and providing us with such top notch service from beginning to end. The children and staff all enjoyed everything that the center had to offer.  

My group especially enjoyed the gear automation/assembly line.  A few months back I had written a grant to obtain a box of Pre-K friendly gears for each child in my classroom. Well, a couple of weeks prior to our visit at the Michigan Science Center, I received the grant and my children were able to each take home a box of their own gears.  

They love the gears and have been learning to assemble them to make them turn and work together. So, when they saw the set-up at your facility they correlated the two and the light went off in their little heads! That was a fun moment!  I realized at that point that all of my madness does have a purpose!  

– Pre-K Teacher, A.L. Holmes Elementary, Detroit


Detroit International Academy for Young Women enjoyed exploring at the Michigan Science Center. The students had a great time and the teachers thought it was a great idea to have activities related to M-STEP to get the students prepared for testing. Again, thank for the opportunity and our school looks forward to visiting again.

– Elementary Teacher, Detroit International Academy for Young Women, Detroit

Sponsors of Science by the Numbers


Students supported through Sponsors of Science in 2018.


Total number of students who were offered summer camp scholarships.


Total number of students served with sponsored transportation to MiSci from October – December 2018.


 Grades most often offered sponsorship.


Teachers agreed that a field trip to MiSci encouraged their students to seek more information.


Teachers felt that MiSci Staff and Volunteers demonstrated the relevance of STEM to their students.

Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor of Science today and support students for field trips, camps, and visits to the Michigan Science Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will applications be considered?

A sponsorship review panel comprised of MiSci staff will review all applications fairly.  We will consider teachers statements, curriculum connections, free and reduced lunch rate of students.  Preference will be given to teachers who have not received funding in recent years.

How large of a group can apply for SOS funding?

Teachers can apply for funding for any size group of students.  Smaller groups will be more easily accommodated.

Does a SOS scholarship cover transportation?

No. SOS trips support students for admission costs of the Explore 1 package only. Tiny Tot (Pre-K) groups will substitute science stage with time in Kids Town. If transportation funding is available, a separate application will be emailed to grantees at the time of award notification. Transportation funding is very limited, so even if a request is made, we cannot guarantee you will receive funding. Teachers should seek transportation from their schools/districts before requesting funding from Sponsors of Science.

Are there any fees a school group must pay for a Sponsors of Science trip?

No. The only fee that may be applicable is a $25 reschedule fee. The reschedule fee will be applied for each reschedule needed.

My student numbers have changed – does this affect my application?

Possibly. Field trips that have a reduction in student numbers should not be concerned about their trip. However, a reduction in students also means a reduction in chaperones. Chaperones beyond the 10:1 ratio will be responsible for admission.

Field trips that have more students than what was awarded are not permitted. The Michigan Science Center creates reservations and schedules based on expected number of students. Increasing your group size can affect your scheduled activities and everyone else’s.

What if I thought my school had transportation and now they don’t? Can I request a transportation grant?

Transportation funding is very limited and only those that submit a request for transportation on the Sponsors of Science application will be considered for a bus grant. Please check and confirm with your school/organization that you are able to use a bus for your trip before requesting transportation assistance.

Can I do anything to thank the science center or the donors for our field trip?

Yes, absolutely! We love receiving thank you letters, stories and photos from sponsored trips. When completing the feedback form, you may upload pictures or scanned files. You can also email digital files and stories to Letters, drawings and other paper items can be mailed to:


Michigan Science Center

Attn: Sponsors of Science

5020 John R St

Detroit, MI 48202