STEMinista Profile Questions

The goal of the Michigan Science Center’s STEMinista Project is to spark and maintain an interest in STEM in elementary and middle school girls. We aim to broaden the pipeline of the next generation of STEMinistas. The Program will engage girls with authentic STEM experiences designed to increase their interest, confidence and skill sets in STEM. A critical part of engaging our girls is exposing them to role models like you. Thank you for participating in The STEMinista Project! Click here for STEMinista Role Model FAQ.


Please answer the questions in full sentences with the question in them – as if the answer will be printed without the question – in 150 words or less. For example: Question: Who is your favorite cartoon character? And why? Answer: My favorite cartoon character is Buzz Lightyear because he always had so much energy and believed that everything was possible. That’s the way I like to look at the world.