Civil Engineer

Favorite Music:
Classic Rock
Tell us something unusual about yourself - something that makes you special, unique and not a "typical" STEMinista:
Something unusual about me is that one of my favorite hobbies is crocheting. Crocheting is like knitting – where you use a certain pattern and yarn to make blankets, scarfs, etc. It is always a fun gift to give that you made and I like learning new patterns. It is definitely something I like to do in the winter when you’re stuck inside.
Where are you from? Where were you born and/or raised?
I live in Royal Oak Michigan. I am from Macomb Michigan.
What are you doing/plan to do with your STEM degree?
I am a civil engineer, and civil engineers usually work on building roads, bridges, and buildings. With my engineering degree, I design construction projects for airports, big and small. We design the buildings for the planes, called hangars, as well as the runways and taxiways that the airplanes use. I also do inspection for these projects to make sure they are being built the right way. I want to design projects to keep airplanes safe when landing and taking off. Where I work, we are also working on ways for airports to be more environmentally friendly.
Favorite Dessert:
Anything with caramel!


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