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Volunteer of the month for December, Zahraa

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Zahraa: Volunteer of the Month December 2015

Have a favorite MiSci volunteer? Let us know and we will consider them to be our volunteer of the Month.

Zahraa has been a Michigan Science Center Explainer Volunteer since June 2015. She is very passionate about inspiring young people especially young girls to learn and explore. She has helped us immensely as an Explainer who directly interacts with guests of all ages.

Zahraa recently wrote about why she feels making a donation to MiSci is a great decision. In her words:

As a volunteer at the Michigan Science Center (MiSci), I have seen “superheroes” find their powers. I have seen young girls recognize their genius. I have seen future scientists become inspired and begin to ask questions that do not yet have answers. A place like MiSci can spark a child’s passion for science and encourage them to explore careers that can transform our world. I’m confident about this because fifteen years ago, I was one of those children who never knew science was an option until given the chance to try it on my own. Today, I am a biologist who educates children in Michigan and I could not be happier.  

I am so grateful for those who introduced me to science and can only hope to provide that opportunity for someone else. MiSci gives me that chance and deserves our support.

MiSci is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit powered by foundations, corporations, and individuals like you. Incredible, invaluable volunteer efforts have made MiSci more impactful than ever and there is no doubt we have made a difference by giving so much of our precious time. As the year comes to a close, I ask you to go the extra mile and make a financial contribution to this pillar of our community. Please click here or mail in the form below to make a donation to MiSci today. Your gift will fuel science discovery in a fun, dynamic learning environment.

I sincerely thank you. So do tomorrow’s leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Zahraa Aljebori
Michigan Science Center Volunteer

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