ECHO Distance Learning Program

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What's New

New Program!

ECHO’s newest virtual visit – Frostology – is available for a limited time, November 2017 – March 2018! Dash through the snow without catching a cold in our new wintertime science program. Watch amazing dry ice and liquid nitrogen demonstrations while making your own slime. Participate in icy science activities and learn about states of matter. Content is adjusted to meet specific grade levels. Contact us at 313.577. 8400, ext. 443 or

Free Programs!

  • April 27 at 1 p.m. –  Arbor Day with ITC Holdings Corp. and MiSci ECHO
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  • May 23 at 1 p.m. – Science Rocks! with MiSci ECHO
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What is ECHO?

An educator stands in front of a screen as she teaches a lesson remotely. Visit the Michigan Science Center and join us for a great learning experience without leaving your classroom! Our new ECHO program brings live science demonstrations and activities directly to your students over the internet.


Children raise their handsOur videoconferencing programs allow you and your students to participate in highly interactive and fun learning in real time. We’ve taken the Next Generation Science Standards and created programs that are informative and entertaining. No special hardware is required to bring a virtual visit to your classroom. A connection can be done with a computer, webcam, projector and high speed internet. All you need to do is click a link and the fun begins!



K – 5th Grade – Jump knee-deep into our wintry virtual visit! Make fluffy snow and sparkling white slime! Learn the science behind all things frosty. This seasonal program runs for a limited time – November – March.

Price: $150

Know Where it Grows

2nd – 4th Grade – Environmental conditions, such as weather, affect where and when plants grow. We’ll design solutions to reduce the impacts of weather-related hazards on plants in a community garden.

Price: $150

Burn Boss Training

Children conduct an experiment in a lab3rd – 5th Grade – Engineers use controlled fires to restore habitats for plants and animals. Work together to learn more about the habitats of endangered plants and animals in areas that need fires to thrive.

Price: $150

Reach for the Stars

two young girls stand at a table with lab equipment4th – 6th Grade – Journey to the stars and answer questions like, where do stars come from, and why are some brighter than others? Watch dry ice and plasma demonstrations and conduct your own investigation.

Price: $150

Virtual Visits

Virtual visits include:
• 45-minute interactive program
• Hands-on materials shipped to your school or library
• Complimentary tech check prior to program

Reserve a Program

To make a reservation, or ask questions about a program, contact our Distance Learning Coordinator at 313.577. 8400, ext. 443, or by emailing Reservations should be made at least four weeks in advance to ensure materials can be shipped to your location. You can also visit the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration to book any of our programs online.


Thank you for your purchase. We look forward to seeing you at MiSci soon.