ECHO Distance Learning Program

What is ECHO?

An educator stands in front of a screen as she teaches a lesson remotely.Visit the Michigan Science Center and engage in hands-on learning without leaving your classroom! Our new ECHO program allows groups to interact and engage with educators while participating in three dimensional, NGSS-aligned lessons.


Children raise their handsOur videoconferencing programs allow you to interact and engage with an educator in real time with only the click of a link. No special hardware is required. All our lessons are NGSS aligned and truly take on the three dimensional learning approach. We embed science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas and cross cutting concepts in every lesson.

Virtual Visits

3rd Grade

Know Where it Grows – Environmental conditions, such as weather, determine where and when plants can grow. We can design solutions to reduce the impacts of weather-related hazards on plants grown for food in a community garden.

Virtual Visits

4th Grade

Children conduct an experiment in a labBurn Boss Training – Engineers use controlled fires for ecological reasons, including restoring diverse habitats for specially adapted plants and animals. Work together to develop a solution for a habitat to protect an endangered animal or plant.

Virtual Visits

5th Grade

Children look through telescopesJourney Without a Map – Stars can be used for navigation because they have predictable patterns and unique properties. Investigate our sun and design a navigation strategy to get to your destination!

Virtual Visits

Virtual visits include:
• 45-minute interactive program
• Hands-on materials shipped to your school or library
• Complimentary tech check prior to program

Reserve a Program

To reserve a program for your students, contact our Distance Learning Coordinator at 313.577.8400, ext. 433 or by emailing Reservations should be made at least four weeks in advance to ensure materials can be shipped to your location.