Amanda: Volunteer of the Month February 2020

Amanda Orris is our February 2020 Volunteer of the Month. Continue reading to learn why she continues to volunteer at MiSci.

When I started volunteering, I was initially concerned about time. Would I have the window to do it? Would I feel overwhelmed or out-of-place? I was always passionate about education and finding the opportunity to volunteer around an educational environment was thrilling. What I found, beyond that, was that the staff at the Michigan Science Center (MiSci) was extremely kind and dedicated. They were passionate about their jobs and loved being a part of inspiring young learners. Also, the Science Center is not all about the kids! I met “adult kids” on dates who enjoyed the various exhibits just as much as any child would. Volunteering awakened my passion for continuing education. My time at MiSci has been a real joy.

I embrace each hour I’ve given to MiSci and look forward to future opportunities to contribute more. Whenever I volunteer, I find myself feeling appreciated at the end of the day and I hope that I positively affected at least one child or adult that I interacted with that day. I always find myself interested and intrigued by each person’s knowledge or experience and I feel it’s my “job” to make their experience at MiSci as comfortable and convenient as possible.

I love the interactions with the people, the smiles of parents and children and the joy and enthusiasm of the staff that keep the MiSci running. I am grateful and feel very lucky to have found this opportunity. I look forward to any events coming soon!