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Daniel Folk: May 2019 Volunteer of the Month

Daniel Folk is our May 2019 Volunteer of the Month. Continue reading to learn more about Daniel’s volunteer journey.

My name is Daniel Folk, and I am honored to be MiSci’s volunteer of the month for June 2019. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics from Wayne State University.

I have wonderful memories of visiting the Michigan Science Center when I was younger, so I jumped at the opportunity to become a volunteer. The contagious enthusiasm of the staff inspired me to embrace curiosity and the fun side of learning. I felt the call to complete the circle and help ignite a passion for science in the next generation.

My favorite part of volunteering is seeing the spark of comprehension and excitement in a young visitor’s eyes as new knowledge is absorbed. Whether it involves making slime at our Centennial Lab or building a bridge in Spark!Lab, I am honored to be able to witness the learning process and potential of the next generation’s greatest minds. I can confidently say that I enjoy every minute of volunteering at the Science Center.

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