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Eve Feldman: May 2017 Volunteer of the Month

Eve Feldman, who can oftentimes be found in Spark!Lab or Kids Town, is our May 2017 Volunteer of the Month. Read about why volunteering is so important to her:

Growing up in the surrounding Metro Detroit area, my father would take me to the Science Center almost every weekend to allow my brother and me to run around, explore, and learn. I’d spend the day exploring the kid’s area and exhibits in the museum with my brother. Little did either of us know we were feeding a little “science love monster” in ourselves. This little monster hungers to learn science and has made me fond of exploring science.

I began volunteering in April  as a way to give back to this community that gave so much to me as a kid. I harbor fond memories and found knowledge from that time in my life. I wanted to share that with the kids of today. In junior year, I joined the Mars team at my school that did research on the Aqueous Development of Ladon Basin. We studied CRISM stamps and JCAT pictures of Mars to determine if water was once present in an area on Mars called Ladon Basin. Our team’s project came in third place at the Science and Engineering Fair of Metropolitan Detroit and in second in the nationwide Mars Exploration Student Data Team (MSEDT) competition. I attribute my success and joy in science to the Science Center in my formative years which drew me to science and the encouragement of my high school astronomy teacher, Ardis Herrold. Science is what draws awe and wonder into my life. I believe it makes the world every bit more magical.

My desire to help the community that made me who I am and to encourage the kids of today to grow in science and learn about the world around us is what drives me to =volunteer for the Michigan Science Center. I am thankful for the opportunity to do so.

– Eve

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