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Host a Birthday Party at Mi-Sci!​

Celebrate another trip around the sun as you explore all 220+ exhibits. Enjoy live science demonstrations and interactive lab activities for your group. Bring your family and friends in for a fun-filled day of science, play, and celebration.

Party Packages

Proton Party

  • $600 members | $700 Nonmembers
  • Rental of private room for 3 hours
  • General Admission for 25 guests
  • Hands-on science activity (see options below)
  • Neutron Party

  • $425 Members | $525 Nonmembers 
  • Semi-private party space for 3 hours 
  • General Admission for 20 guests 
  • Hands-on science activity (see options below)
  • Electron Party

  • $325 Members | $425 Nonmembers
  • Semi-private party space for 3 hours
  • General Admission for 12 guests
  • Hands-on science activity (see options below)
  • Quark Party

  • $200 members | $300 Nonmembers
  • Reserved area in Lunar Dining
  • General Admission for 10 guests
  • Level Up Add-On

  • NEW: Available as an add-on to all Party Packages!
  • $150 members | $250 Nonmembers
  • Get an hour of private time in Level Up for your guests at either 10:30am or 2:30pm!
  • We are here for you.

    As we progress forward, together as a community, MiSci reminds everyone to continue practicing everyday preventive actions to help avoid illness. Learn more about what MiSci is doing to guests and employees safe.

    In an effort to bring something new and immersive to you every day during this time, we have switched to a virtual presence as we work to safely open up the building for you, our MiSci family. Check out our ECHO Live program weekdays at 2:30 p.m. on our Facebook Page.