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MiSci, with generous support from the Ford Motor Company Fund and Axalta, is thrilled to announce MathAlive!, a traveling exhibit the opened in June 2021. This interactive and immersive experience is designed to put visitors at the center of math while answering the age-old question: “When will I ever use this math they’re teaching in school?” 

MathAlive! features math at work in six different areas, including extreme sports, fashion and design, video games and robotics in order to connect math concepts to real-world applications.

Visitors will build a skateboard with “pop”, design a sustainable skyscraper, strike a pose in a 360° photo shoot, learn how to control the Curiosity Rover, take on cyber-security threats in an immersive video game experience, and more. Each area is accompanied by stories from professionals and visionaries, highlighting how they apply math in their respective fields every day.

MathAlive! is located in the Science Hall, on the fourth floor of the museum. The exhibit will also feature special programming and live demonstrations.

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