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Detroit, Mich., June 26, 2023 – The National Weather Service is predicting soaring temperatures this summer, and the Michigan Science Center (Mi-Sci) is offering a series of new films to help visitors keep cool while learning about science. “National Parks Adventure” and a Laser Motown show have been added to its IMAX® Dome Theatre offerings, as well as a limited run of Christopher Nolan’s highly-anticipated drama “Oppenheimer” July 21 – Aug. 10. “A Lunar Journey” will also join the museum’s line-up in its Planetarium.


“Storytelling is an excellent way to educate, and we are proud to boast three theaters at Mi-Sci that serve as portals to other habitats, ecosystems, worlds, and galaxies, putting our guests at the center of science through the big screen,” said Mi-Sci President and CEO, Dr. Christian Greer. “With our rotating film line-up, audiences can explore topics that range from the depths of the ocean to the farthest known reaches of outer space, and everything in-between, with topics that suit all ages.”

In the IMAX, “National Parks Adventure” – narrated by Robert Redford – follows off-trail adventurers as they explore some of the United States most impressive outdoor landscapes, including Michigan’s Eben Ice Caves. “Oppenheimer” is based on the true story of famed physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer and the development of the atomic bomb during World War II. The Laser Motown show visualizes Detroit’s legendary Motown music with energy and dazzling light.


In the Planetarium, “A Lunar Journey” fills the full dome, and focuses on the moon, exploring eclipses, the shapes it makes, as well as other moons in the solar system.

The new films join an existing suite of offerings that includes “Dream Big: Engineering Our World,” an IMAX experience that explores some of the world’s most impressive engineering feats, such as the Great Wall of China and underwater robots. The suite also features “Turtle Odyssey,” a 4D experience in the Toyota Engineering Theater that follows a sea turtle’s journey across the ocean and “One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure,” where Sesame Street favorites exlore the solar system in the Planetarium.


Details on the entire film series include:


“National Parks Adventure” (IMAX)

Narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford, National Parks Adventure takes audiences on the ultimate off-trail adventure into the nation’s awe-inspiring great outdoors and untamed wilderness. Immersive IMAX® 3D cinematography takes viewers soaring over red rock canyons, hurtling up craggy mountain peaks and into other-worldly realms found within America’s most legendary outdoor playgrounds, including Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Yosemite, and Arches. Celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the national parks with world-class mountaineer Conrad Anker, adventure photographer Max Lowe and artist Rachel Pohl as they hike, climb and explore their way across America’s majestic parks in an action-packed expedition that will inspire the adventurer in us all.


“Oppenheimer” (IMAX)

Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer works with a team of scientists during the Manhattan Project, leading to the development of the atomic bomb.


Director Christopher Nolan designed Oppenheimer with IMAX® in mind – capturing the film with IMAX® cameras, amongst the highest-resolution film cameras in the world and refining the film throughout post-production in an IMAX® theatre to further optimize how audiences will experience the film in IMAX®. This film is presented in 15 perf/77mm IMAX film at the Michigan Science Center’s IMAX Dome Theatre for a limited run, July 21-August 4.


Dream Big: Engineering Our World (IMAX)

From the Great Wall of China and the world’s tallest buildings, to underwater robots, solar cars and smart, sustainable cities, “Dream Big” celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small, and reveals the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people around the world.


“A Lunar Journey” (Planetarium)

Join us as we learn a little more about our nearest celestial neighbor, the moon. Together, we’ll check out the many shapes it makes, learn more about eclipses, and find out more about other moons in our solar system. Recommended for ages 6 and up.


One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure (Planetarium)

Join Big Bird and Elmo and their new friend Hu Hu Zhu as they explore the night sky and journey to the Moon and back!


Turtle Odyssey 4D (Toyota 4D Engineering Theater)

Explore the unique lifecycle of an Australian green sea turtle named Bunji and her incredible journey across the open ocean. Narrated by Russel Crowe.

Standard Mi-Sci films are available as a $6 add-on to general admission tickets ($3 for members). Prices for “Oppenheimer” range from $12-$17 and are available without purchasing general admission tickets. Tickets, showtimes and other details are available at Mi-Sci is located at 5020 John R. Street in Midtown, Detroit and is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday and until 8 p.m. the first Friday of every month.

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