Chemical/Materials Engineering

Favorite Music:
I enjoy all types of music ranging from symphony to hard rock.
Tell us something unusual about yourself - something that makes you special, unique and not a "typical" STEMinista:
I enjoy camping and vacationing in the great outdoors with my family in the warmer weather. During the winter, I downhill ski and mentor a FIRST Robotics High School team.
What are you doing/plan to do with your STEM degree?
With my degree, I've had a chance to work on development of several materials used to make car parts that last longer, are lighter weight, and overall have a more postive impact on the environment and world in which we live.
Tell us about one person in your childhood who had a great effect on your life?
One person that influenced my decision to pursue a STEM career was my high school chemistry teacher. Through his classes, I realized how much I enjoyed chemistry and how chemistry touched many aspects of every day life.
Favorite Dessert:
My favorite desert is creme brulee with fresh fruit on top.
Finish this sentence: I believe _____
I believe that we are one worldwide community and that if all individuals feel loved and respected, the world will be a better place. Remember that you have the ability to positively impact everyone around you, so find your passion and change the world!
Would you be interested in more information about?
  • Speaking to a class of students in their school or to a group at the science center
  • The opportunity for more in-depth mentoring of future STEMinistas
What was your favorite subject in middle school? And what did you like about it? (It's fine if it was math! It's fine if it wasn't!)
My favorite subject in middle school was math. While I was good at math, the real reason that I enjoyed it was that after I finished the assignment for the day, I could teach my friends, and, if I still had some free time in class, I was able to read my favorite books.