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Allie Golliher

Synthetic Organic Chemistry Researcher at the University of Michigan

Dr. Allie Golliher (she/her) is currently a synthetic organic chemistry researcher at the University of Michigan. She received her B.S. in Chemistry at Butler University in 2017, and completed her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at New Mexico State University in 2021. During graduate school, she studied marine natural product total synthesis and structural determination of anti-cancer molecules, as well as developed a facile route to neurologically-responsive phytocannabinoid derivatives. Most recently, she is committed to the discovery of novel biocatalysts capable of performing highly selective enzymatic catalytic reactions on a variety of small molecules. This discovered chemistry offers insight into elucidating enzyme / ligand interactions, and is translatable to environmentally-benign pharmaceutical drug synthesis. Dr. Golliher plans on becoming a chemistry professor, where she can pursue groundbreaking chemoenzymatic-enabled natural product synthesis with a team of dynamic researchers. She is passionate about improving scientific literacy and promoting meaningful mentorship within the scientific community.

Tell us about a hobby or activity you enjoy outside your STEM career.

I love gardening, hiking in the Metroparks, dancing like no one is watching, and playing frisbee with my dog, Rio!
allie golliher

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