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Camera Stevens

Outreach Programs Manager at Michigan Science Center/ Environmental Scientist/Naturalist

Camera Stevens is a dynamic STEMinista Role Model who has skillfully blended her passion for education and scientific research to create an awe-inspiring career. With a rich background in outdoor education, Camera has mastered the art of designing captivating hands-on science activities that delight and educate children and families alike.

Her dedication to scientific research shines through her work in toxicological research with Alma College, where she delved into the intriguing world of macroinvertebrates and explored the factors affecting their vulnerability to road salt toxicity. This research highlights Camera’s commitment to unraveling and addressing environmental challenges.

As the Outreach Manager at the Michigan Science Center, Camera’s impact extends far beyond her local community. She is the driving force behind bringing the Aramco Traveling Science and ECHO Distance Learning Programs to eager students in Detroit and across the globe. Her tireless efforts ensure that countless students have access to engaging and enlightening science experiences, sparking their curiosity and love for learning.

Camera Stevens is a shining example of an extraordinary STEMinista Role Model whose dedication to education and scientific research continues to inspire and influence the lives of students and the scientific community at large.

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