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Lisa Dick

Data Science & Analytics – Marathon Petroleum Company

Meet Lisa Dick – the trailblazing STEM professional! With an awesome combination of love for technology and a passion for data science, Lisa is a force to reckon with in the analytics space. She’s the kind of leader who isn’t just satisfied with solutions; she wants a data-driven explanation to go with it. Lisa’s mantra? ‘Data is for everyone!’

Believing in the power of access to knowledge, Lisa champions the democratization of data and insights throughout the job hierarchy, creating an empowered and informed workforce.

Lisa’s journey at Marathon Petroleum is a testament to her passion and perseverance. Over a decade, she has navigated through complex data roles, deepened her understanding, and climbed the ladder from data governance to visual analytics. Her ascent as a team lead in the Analytics & Innovation group has allowed her to strategize and devise innovative solutions while deploying agile methodologies.

Committed to constant learning, Lisa holds an impressive array of degrees – a Master of Science in Data Science from Indiana University in 2022, a BS in Computer Science, and an MBA. Adding another laurel on her professional hat is her certification as an Agile Scrum Master. A true STEM star!

When not immersed in data or zealous about technology, Lisa indulges in time spent with her family, cheering for her son, nurturing her garden, pumping iron at the gym, and exploring different parts of the globe. Her zest for life is as diverse as the data she handles!

Hats off to Lisa – a true paragon of STEM professions, a lifer in learning, and a beacon of data-centric empowerment!

If you could transform into any animal, what would it be and why?

One of my bulldogs (Zeke and Rocco) because they have the best and most pampered life.
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