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Marian Power

Release Engineer, Automotive Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

I currently work for Stellantis (formally Chrysler) and am a project engineer for power sunroofs. I went to Purdue University and received my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from there. I have worked as a mechanical engineer for over 25 years exclusively in the automotive industry. I have 3 patents for a power sliding door design. I love being an engineer because it is mentally challenging, and I am always learning new things. I chose mechanical engineering because I have always been fascinated by machinery, and I wanted to know more about how things work. I have never regretted becoming an engineer.  

In my current job, I am involved in many different design opportunities in order to make sure the sunroof in your vehicle always meets or exceeds expectations. This requires testing vehicles in extreme conditions – hot, cold, wind, and rain. I interact with many different disciplines including electrical engineers, chemical engineers, sound quality engineers, manufacturing, and purchasing. This is what is great about job – every day is different!

Tell us about a hobby or activity you enjoy outside your STEM career.

I love being outside, so a lot of my hobbies include the outdoors – running, biking, hiking, and working in my yard. One aspect of engineering is being creative and wanting to work with your hands. Outside of work, I do this through gardening, cooking, and woodworking.
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