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Olivia Castellini

Senior Exhibit Developer/Physicist

Dr. Olivia Castellini knows how to make science fun. A physicist by training, she creates award winning exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago, making science accessible and engaging for all. Olivia excels at translating complex topics into relatable experiences on everything from nanotechnology and math to music and sports. She even created a four story, indoor tornado as part of the creative team behind MSI’s Science Storms exhibition!||Olivia has extensive experience in communicating science to the public and is a sought-after speaker and a frequent presenter to school groups, the media and the public. She has worked closely with researchers from academia and industry as well as educators to develop programs and activities related to STEM topics for a variety of audiences. ||She holds a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a B.A. in music and physics from DePauw University. Olivia is an accomplished musician, model, athlete and actor. She began playing violin at the age of 5, has walked the runway for Oprah, holds a second degree black belt and completed 7 marathons. She lives in Chicago with her husband and young daughter.

Tell us about a hobby or activity you enjoy outside your STEM career.

I love cooking and baking, especially with my daughter. It is one of my favorite creative outlets and I’m excited to teach my daughter new things in the kitchen.
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