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Priya Machi

Program Manager

Priya Machi: A Passionate Pioneer in Energy Solutions

Meet Priya Machi, a talented and dedicated Program Manager for Energy Solutions, who is making waves in the energy sector. With a solid foundation in chemical engineering and a decade of industry experience under her belt, Priya has become an invaluable asset in the realm of electricity and sustainable energy solutions. Her academic prowess is evident in her master’s degree in Energy Systems Engineering, which has equipped her with the knowledge and skills to tackle some of the most pressing issues of our time, such as climate change and the transition to electric vehicles.

Priya’s diverse work experience spans across various facets within energy sustainability, including planning and modeling, policy, strategy, and business development. This unique blend of expertise allows her to approach challenges from multiple angles, making her an integral part of the Energy Solutions Department. In summary, Priya Machi is a force to be reckoned with in the world of STEM. Her exceptional knowledge, experience, and passion make her an influential figure in the fight against climate change and the pursuit of a cleaner, greener world.

Tell us about a hobby or activity you enjoy outside your STEM career.

Reading! I love exploring worlds through books and learning new things. I participate in book clubs with my close friends.
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