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Quentin: Volunteer of the Month February 2016

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Wissam: Volunteer of the Month January 2016

Dear Science Lovers,

What can I say about volunteering at the Michigan Science Center? What a loaded question! Being able to bring the world I hold so close to my heart, the world of science, to children and adults alike has been an extraordinary experience. Watching people fall in love with the ideas and concepts that I have taken for granted has been a perspective-changing thrill, and is only one of the many lovable aspects of volunteering here. Visiting the science center at such a young age has made a tremendous impact on me, and with that, leaves me to want to give back as much as I can.

My passion for the natural world stemmed from a childhood of asking questions and digging for answers. From all the holes I’ve dug looking for fossils, to all the pants I’ve ruined trenching through rivers and ponds searching for different plants and fish, nature is what drives me. When I became of legal age (12), I grabbed my scuba certification and began a life of civilian exploration. I’ve trekked the cenotes of the Rivera Maya, free dove into the rocky bottom of the Sea of Cortez, and recently had the tremendous opportunity to dive alongside several bull sharks off the coast of Playa Del Carmen. That is my science. Doesn’t sound all that boring, does it? Well, that’s exactly why I decided to volunteer at the Michigan Science Center. I was always told as a kid that science was for the geniuses – the mathematicians, the people who were just born “gifted”. How absurd! Science is for those who are aware that they have much to learn, and are ready to work for their knowledge. Science can bring you to unimaginable places, beg questions from you that you never thought answerable, and make you work harder than you ever thought possible.

Whether you find yourself one day staring at a whiteboard, pondering what equation you will need to use to spit out your magic number, or at the bottom of the ocean in a submersible collecting sponges, you are doing what humans are meant to be doing: learning. Sometimes, starring at my computer screen and books, using boring equations and looking at bland graphs has been just as jaw dropping as being out in the field, but we need people to know that science isn’t one way or the other, that it isn’t what many think it is. Science is truly what you make it!

For those interested in taking the initiative to change the public’s view of science, and to bring joy to the world(!), follow this link and join the team!

Thank you for reading, and stay adventurous my friends!


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