1001 Inventions: Evening Events

Spend your Wednesday evenings in November at MiSci for free from 3 – 8 p.m. Enjoy the special exhibit 1001 Inventions plus special themed activities. Click here to preregister.

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Healthy Living Night: Nov. 15

Our obsession with healthy living isn’t as modern as we might think. During the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization, researchers published works on cutting edge medical techniques, weight management, nutrition, and more. Learn how these ancient practices still inform our approach to health care. Preregister here.

Chess Night: Nov. 22

Brush up on your chess game with members and coaches of the Detroit City Chess Club and celebrate this centuries-old pastime originally developed in India. Preregister here.

Food Sustainability Night: Nov. 29

Muslim Civilization stretched from Spain to China, encompassing a wide variety of cultures and foods. Enjoy food samples and learn about food sustainability. Preregister here.

Community Night: Dec. 6

During the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization, women and men of different faiths and cultures collaborated to produce innovative solutions that improved their society. Today, the southeast Michigan community also relies on diversity to shape our future. Explore the power of a multi-cultural society at Community Night. Buy tickets.

Maimonides’ Celebration: Dec. 13

Maimonides was a 12th century Jewish physician and philosopher from Spain. An expert in medicine and logic, his ideas spread throughout the multicultural communities of Muslim Civilization. Join us to celebrate the life of this influential scholar. Buy tickets.

The Zero Effect: Dec. 20

Don’t underestimate the importance of the number zero! Scholars in the Middle East and India were the first to recognize zero as a number with its own value – not simply a place holder. Today, zero plays a role in everything from physics and economics to engineering and computing. Visit us to celebrate this often overlooked number. Buy tickets.

Storytelling Night: Jan. 3

You’ve heard of The Arabian Nights, but there are many more stories to uncover from the so-called “Dark Ages.” Learn the craft of storytelling, discover untold stories from past cultures and the present day, and hear from prominent Southeast Michigan storytellers. Buy tickets.

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