Homeschool “HIP” Days

HIP Classroom

Homeschool “HIP” Days

We also offer HIP Sessions for the homeschool community. Programs are thematic and cover grades 1-12 in specialized units. Homeschool HIP Days are the first Wednesday of each month. Programs are conducted in one of our dynamic learning environments and run 35-45 minutes.

Grossed Out Science – October

Get grossed out with this hands-on program where you’ll make fake blood, scabs, snot and other gross things.

Sounds All Around – November

Participants will use rulers, straws and some more advanced equipment to learn about vibrations and sounds. There will be an increased emphasis on different types of waves for older students.

Winter Weather – December

Participants will learn about what causes blizzards, ice storms and Michigan lake effect snow in this hands-on program.

Science of Art – January

Participants will learn how science and art go hand-in-hand. Learn how colors come from natural products and make your own piece of art with fruits and vegetables.

Heart Healthy – February

How do you keep your heart healthy? Learn about how your heart works and how to eat a healthy diet. Participants will make a nutritious snack and take home healthy recipes.

Butterflies – March

Learn about the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Participants will be given a tour of the butterfly exhibit.

Museum Adventures – April

Take a stroll through the museum and get a behind-the-scenes tour from one of our educators. Participants will get to experience the Science Center in a whole new way.

Solar Fun – May

Participants will learn about solar energy, UV radiation and the parts of the sun in this hands-on program.


Grade Levels: Elementary: 11 a.m., Middle School: 12 p.m., High School 1 p.m.
Program Capacity: 25 students and up to 10 adults
Rates: Member: $5 / Non-member $10

To register, call 313.577.8400, Option 5, weekdays from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Content questions may be directed to the Director of Education Programs at 313.577.8400, ext. 430