Traveling Science

New Summer 2015 Library Program: Hero Science!

Traveling Science

New Programs for 2014-2015!

Bring MiSci to you! MiSci’s Traveling Science team brings science workshops and group presentations to your school or event that will inspire learners to explore and appreciate science.

We’re making stops throughout Michigan! See where we’ve been.

Pricing information available here.

Introducing Traveling Science Birthdays! Themes include – Air-Mazing, Wired ‘n’ Wacky, Slimy Science, and STARLAB. Click here for more information.


Physical Science –

  • Magnets: Discover the force of magnetism as we push and pull using magnets of all shapes and sizes. Students will make objects defy gravity and see a magnet made by using electricity. Grades K-2
  • Sounds All Around – Our sound activities and demonstrations will break music down to its elements. Waves and vibrations can be experienced in a simple yet fascinating way. We’ll use tuning forks, singing aluminum rods, dancing oobleck, boomwhackers, and other tools to demonstrate the science of sound. There will be increased emphasis on different types of waves for older students. Grades 1-6
  • “Current” Events – What is electricity and how does it flow? Students will observe the power of electricity and learn about its simplest form. We’ll then find out what happens when electricity meets a pickle! Grades 2-8
  • Roller Coasters – Explore the physics behind rollercoasters! We’ll work together as a team to build a coaster in your classroom while discussing the different types of energy, acceleration, velocity, and more! Grades 3-8
  • Wind Turbine – Participants will be challenged to maximize the amount of electricity generated by a wind turbine of their own creation by changing the shape of its blades. Work as a team and use problem solving skills to help increase the turbine’s performance. Grades 3-8
  • States of Matter – Learn how to define the states of matter and experience substances changing from one state to another. Some substances blur the line between liquid and solid. We’ll get our hands into some slimy stuff to decide which state it is. Grades K-6
  • Forces and Motion – Discover and experiment with Newton’s Laws of Motion.  We will discuss why and how objects move, and what forces act on those objects. Students will be tasked with moving a “vehicle” from one point to another and will repeat the experiment using different variables. Grades 2-6


Earth/Space Science –

  • STARLAB – The STARLAB is an inflatable, portable planetarium. During each session, our educator will give tours of the current night sky using the STARLAB’s star projector, featuring bright stars, constellations, planets, and the moon. (30-minute presentation) Grades K-Adult
  • Lunar Logic – We’ll explore the Earth-Moon system by observing moon phases. Learn how the relationship of these two planetary bodies affects systems here on Earth. Grades 3-5

Life Science –

  • Diving into DNA – Participants will be able to describe what DNA is, where it’s found and how it codes for traits. Everything living has DNA and students will be able to extract DNA from a variety of fruits. Grades 6-8
  • Cow Eye Dissection– Students will work in pairs to perform a cow eye dissection while under the direction of a trained Mi-Sci staff member. We’ll compare the cow eye to human eyes as we take a close look at its features and functions. (Supply fee per 30 students) Grades 4-8

Live Animal Programs (Available April – October) –

  • Animal Habitats: Is there one ideal place for all animals to live? Animals inhabit locations all over our planet and have different requirements to thrive. We’ll take a look at these different habitats and see how animals have adjusted to living in extreme conditions. We also bring LIVE animals so students can make observations and place the animals into the appropriate habitat. Grades K-3
  • Animal Adaptations: Animals adapt over time to make surviving in the wild much easier. In this workshop, students will expand their understanding of adaptations by observing LIVE animals and discussing different biological traits. After viewing the animals, participants will engage in a hands-on activity to create a creature of their own using some of the adaptations discussed. Grades K-5

Restrictions apply; please call for more information.

Group Presentations –

  • Science Spectacular (45 Minutes) – Join us as we take a tour of science! In this exciting group presentation, we’ll talk about various science concepts using large scale demonstrations. Works best in an auditorium but can be adapted to most spaces. Grades K-8
  • Kaboomistry! (30 Minutes) – Why do things explode? Learn about the relationships between pressure, temperature, and fuel to explain why things go KA-BOOM! We’ll mix physics and chemistry to get some loud, flashy effects! Grades K-8
  • Under Pressure (30 Minutes) – The air that rests on your shoulders is far more powerful than you think! Whether we compress the air, or use a vacuum, you’re sure to be amazed by these funny and fascinating demonstrations. Grades K-8



SCIENCEPALOOZA inspires children and adults to explore and appreciate the wonders of science! Let us introduce key science concepts to your entire school or organization by engaging them in hands-on fun! We’ll bring a variety of activities covering topics from astronomy to zoology. All we ask is that you recruit enough volunteers to help inspire young minds!

Teachers and parents can rest assured that all activities enforce Michigan’s Grade Level Content Expectations. This dynamic experience enhances scientific inquiry skills and will encourage lifelong learning in groups of up to 500 participants.

Provided by location:

  • 10-15 tables and chairs
  • 10-15 volunteers (minimum) – Please ask volunteers to arrive at least 45 minutes before event for training. 
  • Large open space
  • Electrical outlets           

Contact our Outreach Coordinator at or 313.577.8400, x238 for additional information and reservations.