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Bringing 1001 Inventions: Untold Stories from a Golden Age of Innovation to Detroit was made possible thanks to the generous support of these sponsors. Detroit is only the fourth U.S. city to host this exhibit and its stay at the Michigan Science Center marks its first time back in the country in five years. These sponsors’ contributions also made it possible for the Michigan Science Center to offer free admission to 1001 Inventions and expand the reach of the scientific and cultural learning contained in this award-winning, international exhibit.



Shaker Foundation-Seed Sponsor







Mr. T. Hares

Dr. M. Katranji

Dr. M. Shoukfeh

Dr. J. Tayeb



Dr. M. Ahmad

Dr. F. Al-Saghir

Dr. S. Baraka

Mr. O. Basha

Dr. N. Suliman

The Basha Foundation

The Sayed Foundation



Dr. F. Abaza

Dr. A. Abbas

Dr. M. Abdulrazzak

Dr. M. Ahmad

Mr. S. Akeel

Dr. H. Akeel

Dr. F. Al-Ejel

Dr. A. Alo

Dr. Z. Al-Rufaie

Dr. O. Alsubee

American Syrian Arab Cultural Association (ASACA)

Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS)

Mrs. F. Asbahi

Dr. R. Atassi

Dr. Y. Awaad

Dr. M. Ayas

Dr. F. Azrak

Mr. K. Basha

Dr. G. Bayasi

Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP)

Children First Pediatric Care

Christ Church Cranbrook

Dr. R. Dali

Dar El Salam Travel

Dr. A. Effendi

Fountain of Knowledge Foundation

Mr. T. Gayar

Dr. N. Hajjar

Dr. I. Hamzavi

Mr. T. Hares

Dr. H. Hasaba

Mr. M. Hashem

Dr. A. Hatahet

Islamic House of Wisdom

Islamic Institute of America

Dr. R. Jandali

Dr. A. Jukaku

Dr. L. Kabbani

Dr. H. Kafri

Dr. S. Kassas

Dr. R. Khalil

Mr. M. Khan

Dr. A. Khan

Mrs. A. Khan

Dr. A. Lal

Landmark Contracting Company

Lebanese International Business Council

Mrs. S. Malik

Dr. U. Master

Dr. Shahzad Mian

Mr. S. Mohiyudeen

Dr. E. Obeid

Physical Therapy Group

Dr. H. Raslan

Reem Akkad Design, LLC

Dr. B. Refai

Dr. W. Refai

Dr. A. Sankari

Syrian American Rescue Network

Dr. S. Sbahi

Serenity Pediatrics

Mr. O. Shabandri

Mr. H. Siddique

Dr. A. Sukari

Dr. T. Syed

Dr. K. Tarabin

Dr. G. Tayeb

The Abbarah Foundation

The Afr Foundation

The Al-Ameri Foundation

The Aya Baraka Collection LLC

The Bitar Foundation

The Dana-Z Foundation

The Straight Path Foundation

The Tree of Truth Foundation

Dr. E. Turk

Unietd Muslim Association of Toledo (UMAT)

Dr. F. Zeni



Dr. N. Ahmed

Dr. A. Al-Katib

Dr. A. Allam

Mr. N. Ashraf

Dr. M. Atassi

Mr. M. Aziz

Mr. V. Begg

Mr. M. Bhatti

Cancer and Leukemia Center

Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP)

Dr. W. Demashkieh

Eileen Fisher Community Partnership Grant

Mr. M. El-Baradie

Dr. R. Flayeh

Mr. Freij

Ghabsha MD-PLLC

Dr. S. Gindy

Guidance Residential

Mr. S. Hafeez

Dr. M. Hamdan

Islam Association of Greater Detroit

Dr. M. Jaamour

Dr. Y. Jukaku

Dr. R. Kaakaji

Dr. S. Kazmi

Mr. J. Khan

Dr. B. Khatib

Dr. S. Khayyata


Mr. Aslam A. Khazi

La Marsa Restaurant

Level One Bank

Michigan Muslim Community Council

Mr. R. Mohammed

Northwest Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Mr. G. Qadir

Mr. M. Qamruzzaman

St. Mary’s in-the-Hills Episcopal Church

Mr. Mitcheil M. Shamsud-Din

Dr. L. Tello-Abed

The DFL Foundation

Dr. M. Usmen

Dr. M. Wasiullah