Kids Town

Imagine a place where pint-size scientists can become veterinarians, test the laws of physics in a field house, learn about mixtures and solutions in the kitchen of their very own diner, or just splash, crawl and play. That place is Kids Town, a gallery for children ages 5 and under.

Kids Town features engaging activity areas in a child-scaled “town” where little ones can develop their social and motor skills while exploring the basic science concepts we encounter every day.

In keeping with the guidelines of the Michigan Board of Education Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Pre-kindergarten, our gallery uses active, hands-on experiences to foster positive attitudes toward science and build a foundation for future, more sophisticated learning.


Young Explorer Days

Join us for an enriching and unique play date in Kids Town every first Wednesday of the month! We’ll provide story time, a special science-themed activity and socialization time geared for children ages 2-5 and their caregiver. Click here for more details.

Monthly Seasonal Programs

These programs allow visitors to examine the seasonal changes and activities around the town.

  • Summer Sensations (June-August)
    Make a splash under the sun, go to a ball game at the Field House or read a book under a tree. It’s all possible in this hottest of seasons at Kids Town!
  • Fall Fun (September-November)
    Pick an apple, bake a pie at the Diner, or simply discover wonderful colors as the leaves change around us. This season at Kids Town is sure to make you fall for us!
  • Winter Wonderland (December-February)
    Bundle up and boogie your way into warmer days at Kids Town Center Stage. Around town, observe animals burrowing in, count the sides of a falling snowflake and stay warm in this cool season!
  • Spring Has Sprung (March-May)
    Watch the flowers bloom, splash in puddles and discover baby animals lurking around the corner. Dig into what’s new during this fresh season at Kids Town.

Visiting the Science Center with a group of pint-sized scientists?

Make a reservation for a Tiny Tots Group Visit. Groups of 12 or more (Pre-K and K) are only $5.00 per child. This package is specially designed just for Preschool – Kindergarten children. It includes exploration time in Kids Town PLUS choice of ONE young child Chrysler IMAX® Dome film or Dassault Systèmes Planetarium show and one of these 25 minute classroom programs:

  • Animal Families
    Learn how to classify animals by their characteristics. Discover how traits are passed on from generation to generation.
  • Garden Menagerie
    You don’t have to go to the jungle to explore life. The backyard garden is a treasure just waiting to be found! Learn about the plants, butterflies, worms and bees found in your garden.
  • Force of Motion
    Push or pull your way to exciting new knowledge. Learn about forces on objects, and how shape and mass affect motion.

All programs are subject to change and availability. Program capacity is 30 people, including all adults and children. Pre-school and Kindergarten groups are encouraged to provide 1 chaperone for every 5 students.

Download the Educators Guide (PDF)