Temporary Exhibitions

Eat Well, Play Well and Moneyville: Opening Jan. 24!

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Ice Age Unfrozen: Final Weeks!

NEW! Hunting Mastodons Workshop (Free with exhibit purchase)
Learn about the people who lived in Michigan around 12,000 years ago and how they may have interacted with mastodons. Every family will leave the workshop with a clay cast of a Clovis point (or tool that may have been used for hunting). Workshop times may vary.

logo_IceAgeExhibit_0714Ice Age Unfrozen will give aspiring paleontologists a chance to “bone up” on prehistoric facts, paleontology, climatology and zoology. Beasts including the platybelodon, woolly mammoth, hyracotherium along with saber-toothed cat and Australopithecus families and more will roam the Science Center’s Traveling Exhibits Hall. In addition, this experience offers an inside look at the physics and engineering of robotic animatronics from September 27, 2014 – January 3, 2015.

Pair it with Titans of the Ice Age in the Chrysler IMAX® Dome Theatre for a mammoth experience!

And, check out our new, Ice Age themed birthday parties!

Ice Age Unfrozen is presented in partnership with the Detroit Children’s Museum and the University of Michigan Natural History Museum. Learn more about the Natural History museum with this scavenger hunt.

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Australopithecus_1 Baluchitherium
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Kidstruction Zone: Closes December 31

Calling all children! Do you like to build and create? The Michigan Science Center’s newest hands-on Kidstruction Zone exhibit is just for you (parents can sit back and relax while you invent). This 3,000 square foot space is designed with 10 separate build zones for the architect or engineer inside us all. Build large structures with giant LEGO® bricks, create detailed buildings with Keva planks, invent futuristic vehicles with k’nex and get inspired with other Kidstruction building supplies. Great for all ages, Kidstruction Zone is free with paid museum admission.

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