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Seun PhillipsSeun Phillips joined the Michigan Science Center in 2015 and has pioneered and led successful initiatives in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) educational community since 2006. Phillips is responsible for fostering school and community partnerships, providing innovative STEM educational activities and fulfilling the mission and goals for the Michigan Science Center.


Phillips started his professional career as a Senior Electrical Engineer at Motorola Mobile Devices, where he focused on audio circuitry and accessory compatibility.  He has always nursed a keen interest in giving back to his community and youth mentorship. His teaching and mentoring experiences include: instructing a class of 40+ college students in research strategies; tutoring K-12 students in math and science; providing professional development workshops for teachers and; hosting science and technology workshops at various schools in Illinois and Michigan.

Phillips went on to co-found the Chicago-based non-profit, Project SYNCERE, with the mission to increase the number of underrepresented and disadvantaged K-12th grade students pursuing STEM. At Project SYNCERE, Phillips served as the Director of Programs where he oversaw the development and implementation of all programs. As a result the organization grew to over 30 employees reaching over 9,000 students in various states across America and graduated 100 percent of high school student participants. Seun remains very committed and involved to the organization’s mission and is an invaluable resource to the organization.

In 2014, Phillips founded and served as executive director of STEMNETICS with the mission to prepare students with 21st Century Skills through the utilization of hands-on STEM activities throughout Michigan. Phillips was responsible for securing contracts, grant funding and strategic partnerships for schools and non-profit organizations.

Phillips graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a minor in mathematics. Phillips received the Five Under Ten from his alma mater to recognize his professional achievements and contributions to the community-at-large. He also received the Conversations Awards, which highlighted Chicago’s most dynamic movers and shakers within Entrepreneurship, Medicine and Non-Profit businesses.

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