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“Michigan Science Center’s camp gave my kids confidence for the school year.” – Summer 2015 Parent

MiSci: A Child's View

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Summer Science Camp

Prekindergarten – 8th Grade
June 27 – September 2, 2016

Join us for exciting adventures at MiSci Summer Camp. Keep your young scientist engaged all summer with different themes every week.

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Prek & Kindergarten Camps

6/27-7/1ChemistryPop, Pop, Fizz, FizzWatch what happens when substances are mixed together and conduct your own small experiments in Ziploc bags!
7/5-7/8BugsMaster EngineersDiscover why some of natures’ smallest animals are such great engineers in the way they build their homes and the ingenuity they use to defend them.
7/11-7/15Technology, Science, & ArtSounds Like…Learn how sound is produced from vibrations, watch these waves travel through a liquid, and feel them travel through a solid.
7/18-7/22Marine BiologyUnder the Sea!Learn how to turn saltwater to freshwater. Uncover the colorful marine life that lives in our oceans.
7/25-7/29RoboticsLink-to-LinkLearn how to build simple structures that simulate the movements of a robot and learn their language of "ons and offs" to program it to follow your command.
8/1-8/5Health, Wellness, & FitnessHealthy Me!Discover the different types of fruits and vegetables that help keep our vision strong and promote good health!
8/8-8/12SpaceThe Man on the MoonExplore the moon and its relationship to the Earth. Learn about the phases of the moon and how its craters were formed!
8/15-8/19Crime Scene InvestigationPredictable PatternsUse your observation skills to recognize patterns in the way things look, feel, and smell.
8/22-8/26Environmental SustainabilityHeal the Earth!Discover ways to heal the Earth! Where does all of our trash go and how does it affect the Earth? Put on your thinking cap and brainstorm ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
8/29-9/2EngineeringTower of Power!Learn how buildings are constructed. Try your hand at building a tower of straw and other hands-on activities using the Engineering Design Process.

1st & 2nd Grade Camps

6/27-7/1ChemistryIt’s a Bonding Thing!Conduct experiments by combining different substances and observing how they change. We dare you to run and jump in our Oobleck pit!
7/5-7/8BugsYou and Whose Army?Take a peek into the world of an ant and learn how they work together to construct and protect their colony.
7/11-7/15Technology, Science, & ArtGet My Good Side!Investigate how images are captured by the human eye and processed by the brain. Learn how to take a photo and manipulate images.
7/18-7/22Marine BiologyCoral Life for Me!Explore how tiny organisms form coral reefs and learn how different sea life coexists on the reefs.
7/25-7/29RoboticsOn & Off!Learn how to use simple commands to write a short program. Practice writing programs with several of our interactive coding apps.
8/1-8/5Health, Wellness, & FitnessAn Apple a DayThis week is filled with interactive activities to help us learn how the body breaks down food and how it’s converted to energy.
8/8-8/12SpaceVoyager 1The destination is Mars and NASA is looking for engineers to design habitats for colonists to live in and grow their own food.
8/15-8/19Crime Scene InvestigationMiSci Cat SquadThere has been a rash of catnapping’s and MiSci is forming its own Cat Squad of detectives. Training includes analyzing hair samples, lifting fingerprints, handwriting analysis and more.
8/22-8/26Environmental SustainabilityThe Big Blue Marble!Explore environmental sustainability. Earth’s natural resources are limited. Experiment with alternative sources of energy and uncover ways to conserve water.
8/29-9/2EngineeringDream Big… Build Big!Learn the basic design principles involved in constructing buildings. Test your design to see if it can withstand an earthquake.

3rd - 5th Grade Camps

6/27-7/1ChemistryRocket’s Red GlareInvestigate how fireworks are made. Observe how different chemicals react to hear and examine the distinct colors they produce.
7/5-7/8BugsIt’s a Bug’s Life!Our campers’ antennae will be vibrating with excitement for a week of hands-on activities all about bugs. Learn how bugs communicate with each other through vibrations, smells, and touch.
7/11-7/15Technology, Science, & ArtTo The Theatre!Spend a week behind-the-scenes at MiSci. Learn how science concepts are transformed into live performances. Campers will perform a live science show for their parents.
7/18-7/22Marine BiologyDive… Dive… DiveLearn how oceanographers study marine life with the use of Remote Underwater Vehicles (ROVs). Build an ROV and test its capabilities in our pool.
7/25-7/29RoboticsThe Language of 1s & 0sDiscover binary codes and how robots use this language to perform tasks. Program our Finch robots to traverse an obstacle course.
8/1-8/5Health, Wellness, & FitnessWatch Your T Count!Explore how cancer cells are formed in the human body and learn how the body’s immune system fights back.
8/8-8/12SpaceAeronautics to the Rescue!Colonists are stranded on Mars and MiSci is forming a rescue team of aeronautical engineers to design a space craft that can travel to Mars.
8/15-8/19Crime Scene InvestigationMiSci Crime Task ForceLearn how important it is to properly collect evidence from a crime scene. Conduct tests to see how accurate eyewitness testimonies are and determine if your deductive and reasoning skills are up to the task of solving a crime.
8/22-8/26Environmental SustainabilityCalling All Conversationists!Brainstorm ways to conserve Earth’s natural resources. Learn about alternative ways to grow food without soil and reduce the amount of trash destined for landfills.
8/29-9/2EngineeringThere’s an Engineer in Me!There’s an engineer in everyone! Learn the engineering design process. Build a glider out of a shoebox and test its ability to sail through the air.

6th - 8th Grade Camps

8/15-8/19Crime Scene InvestigationForensics SpecialistLearn how to distinguish between different blood types and run DNA through an electrophoresis analysis collected from crime scenes.
8/22-8/26Environmental SustainabilityField Work!Attention all naturalists! Grab your grubbiest clothes and boots and join us for a week of field work exploring the human impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

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Time: 9 AM-4 PM, before care (starting at 8 AM) and after care (ending at 5:30 PM) are $5 each daily

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