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Glacial Goo

Observe how a glacier flows across and shapes Earth’s surface in this gooey experiment.

Sourdough Science

Science of Sourdough

Grow your own sustainable bread source by colonizing helpful microorganisms.

Social Distance Bowling

Learn the importance of social distancing during a pandemic while safely playing this game of bowling.

Sugar Rainbow

Explore density in its simplest form with this colorful chemistry experiment.

Fossil Feast

Fossil Feast

Create an edible fossil model with tasty layers of cookies and pudding!

Cookie Excavation

Put your paleontology (and patience) skills to the test in this delicious cookie excavation.

Bacteria Growth Plates

Discover what microorganisms are living inside and all around you by growing your own bacteria colonies.

Unleakable Bag

Create a leak-proof bag by manipulating polymer chains with pencils.

Watershed Clean Up

Learn what types of pollution are affecting your local watershed and how you can help to keep it clean!

Crystal Painting

Grow your own crystal work of art using a supersaturated salt solution!

Pocket Solar System

Create a scale model of the solar system to carry around in your pocket (NISE Network).

Friction Racers

Learn how friction comes into play during these matchbox car “drag” races.

5 Gallon Compost Bin

Saving the Earth can be easy! Build an inexpensive compost bucket to reduce landfill waste.

Water Xylophone

Science is music to our ears! Learn how vibrations travel through matter in this sound exploration.

Tinfoil Boats

All aboard for this engineering design challenge! Will your boat sink or float when weights are added?

Build A Virus

Learn how the structure of a virus relates to its function by constructing one from paper.

Anti Gravity Chamber

Learn about particle interactions as you create a device that seemingly defies gravity.

Binary Code Bracelets

Learn the language of 1’s and 0’s and write coded messages using beads!

Give Physics a Spin

Construct a physics toys that utilizes the conservation of angular momentum!

Ink Chromatography

Separate dyes from black markers to learn about an amazing chemical process and its role in forensics.

Mattress Gravity Well

Create orbiting objects right in your bedroom! Test how mass affects gravitational fields.

Cam Automata

Construct a kinetic sculpture powered by a cardboard cam system.

Crank Automata

Construct a kinetic sculpture powered by a cardboard crank system.

Windmill Cam Automata

Construct a kinetic sculpture powered by a cardboard cam system. Combine mechanisms for even more fun!


Join our slime-making master class to make gooey slime, fluffy slime, sandy slime, and more!

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Can’t find sanitizer in stores? Follow this recipe to make your own using just three ingredients.

Balance the Scales

Construct a simple balance scale to estimate relative weights of objects.

Dancing Battery

Construct a simple motor using just three materials as you explore electromagnetic fields.

Bird in a Cage

Do your eyes deceive you? Learn about illusions and color receptors in this optics experiment.

What’s the Impact?

Discover how meteors shaped the lunar surface as you create your own flour craters.

Seed Balls

In this easy Spring planting activity, bring some beauty to your own garden or local field using seed balls.

Whirling Swirling Air Pollution

Celebrate the 50th birthday of the EPA, by simulating contributions to air pollution using food coloring.

Invisible Fire Extinguisher

Create an invisible gas that is denser than air and able to put out a flame instantly.

Investigating Clouds

Create a cloud in a bottle and learn about ways that NASA uses satellite technology to observe clouds in this NISE Network activity.

Shaving Cream Clouds

Explore precipitation and its important role in the water cycle. Learn how clouds give us the weather we experience on Earth’s surface.

Convection Currents

Observe how convection currents are formed and how air currents interact in the atmosphere to give us extreme weather events.

Popsicle Stick Catapult

Simple machines can be fun! Construct a lever to launch mini marshmallows.

Popsicle Stick Harmonica

Sound is vibration! Create a musical instrument that can produce a variety of notes.

Feel the Sound

Sound travels in compression waves. Get a feel for this concept in this simple experiment.

Edible Crystals

Grow your own delicious, sugar crystals using only two common ingredients!

Candy Chemistry

Create colorful, candy chemistry using the principle of density in a solution.

Egg in a Bottle

Can a whole egg fit into a milk bottle without breaking? Grab an adult assistant and find out!

Lava Lamps

Learn about hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances while you build your own lava lamp.

Soda Geysers

Explore nucelation and physical reactions with a classic candy and soda experiment. This activity is best done outside for extra fun and easy clean up!

Vacuum Pack a Kid!

Experience the power of air pressure all around us with the help of your vacuum cleaner and an adult assistant.

Invent at Home: Water Transport

Anyone can be inventive! In this Spark!Lab challenge, you’ll need to engineer a solution for transporting water to and from cities.

Alka Seltzer Rockets

Build and launch a film canister rocket by creating a simple acid-base reaction inside a closed container. This experiment is best done outdoors!

Elephant Toothpaste

In this at-home version of one our favorite science demonstrations, you’ll create a huge pile of soap bubbles using a chemical reaction powered by yeast.

pH Testing

Did you know red cabbage is a natural pH indicator? Test the pH of household substances using this unique produce item.


Some chemical reactions absorb heat while others release it! Experiment with thermodynamics using baking soda, vinegar, and ice melt.

Scattered Pepper

Just why is soap so important in washing your dishes and hands? Explore surface tension in this exciting experiment.

Fruit DNA Extraction

Extract, isolate, and observe genetic material from a variety of household produce. Learn how DNA is stored inside cells in this simple experiment.

Additional Resources

Check out these MiSci approved websites and resources for additional science content and educational materials.

ECHO Live!

ECHO Live! is here! We’ll be conducting some of our most exciting, large-scale science demonstrations daily from the ECHO Distance Learning Studio. 🛰 Anyone with an internet-connected device can tune in and participate in these engaging programs. Join us as we broadcast LIVE every weekday at 2:30 p.m. EDT!